TalkTalk throws dirt at BT and smiles

TalkTalk, the company known for having the WORST EVER CUSTOMER SERVICE (as mentioned by the Daily Mail, MoneySavingExpert, Ofcom, ConsumerChoices, and The Guardian, amongst many others) in the UK, is crying foul over BT saying that they want to extend the misery they give to customers on to new customers of Fiber Optic Broadband.

I can’t remember the number of times I almost lost my life by simply saying “TalkTalk can’t be that bad”. As much as I hate to admit it, for a company to win awards for it being a “shitty provider” as proclaimed by its very customers, they must really be living the life of what a corporate evil company should be.

TalkTalk fears BT fibre monopoly | IT PRO.

‘Skynet’ law comes into effect in New Zealand

What this means in a nutshell is, the New Zealand government is hell bent on supporting a failed, and obsolete business model. It’s like Rupert Murdoch getting angry over people using creating links to his newspaper articles.

ISPs in NZ will now have the power to enforce a “Three Strikes and You’re Out!” rule. If you are found to be actively pirating that recent episode of “Jabawookie Adventures” (which isn’t shown in NZ anyway) the ISP can send a warning, up to three even, and there you can be fined up to NZ$15,000.

Apparently, the law has already claimed success. Traffic has drastically gone down while people are finding other methods of downloading.

Pay $30 for that Blu-Ray of a movie you’ll probably watch once, or twice in the next year? Or, pay $30/month to get some anonymous IP security that will allow you to download more? It’s your choice.

It’s 2011, get your heads out of the past!

‘Skynet’ law comes into effect – Yahoo! New Zealand News.

Apple’s evidence in Galaxy Tab case questioned

Really Apple? I find this hard to believe. Apple is so desperate in its attempts to block sales of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab that they have had to “doctor” the image comparisons. Totally unacceptable, if this is found out to be true.

As you can see, the biggest changes are: 1) They changed the device’s physical appearance! 2) iOS does not have a desktop. Never has, and probably never will. The apps are the default screen for iOS. On Android, it’s much more different. It uses a desktop, with widgets and other nifty things.

More information on the jump.

Apple’s evidence in Galaxy Tab case questioned | thinq_.

News of the World to close amid hacking scandal

 How they ever got away with it for so long, we can only speculate. They do have the backing of one of the wealthiest and most powerful men on the planet, that’s a hint.

So this over a century old newspaper is finally closing after pissing at everyone’s privacy. They didn’t care who it was, as long as it sold more copies of the paper, they’d cover it, and hack the phones of those involved to get a juicier story.

Here we have someone who was caught. What about the others who get away with it?

BBC News – News of the World to close amid hacking scandal.

RIM is black-burying carriers with half-baked BlackBerrys

Having worked in the sales and support of the mobile phone industry a few years ago, this news comes as no surprise to me.

Boy Genius Report has published some very juicy details on how RIM has been dealing with its carriers. Strong arming the very people who are supposed to be selling your products will eventually backfire (or maybe it has already what with the 20% drop in their stock).

The very reason why I jumped from using a BlackBerry Bold to a Samsung Galaxy android device was due to the very same issue that BGR reports on. Truth be told, BlackBerry devices before OS4 were actually dependable, although it really felt the everyone else was moving on in the world while RIM was still clinging on to the “if it still works, why mess with it?” ideal.

RIM is black-burying carriers with half-baked BlackBerrys.