Apple’s evidence in Galaxy Tab case questioned

Really Apple? I find this hard to believe. Apple is so desperate in its attempts to block sales of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab that they have had to “doctor” the image comparisons. Totally unacceptable, if this is found out to be true.

As you can see, the biggest changes are: 1) They changed the device’s physical appearance! 2) iOS does not have a desktop. Never has, and probably never will. The apps are the default screen for iOS. On Android, it’s much more different. It uses a desktop, with widgets and other nifty things.

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Apple’s evidence in Galaxy Tab case questioned | thinq_.

Apple HTML5 patent angers W3C

News like these make me question the validity of the patenting system. It feels as if its time has long past seen its overdue. We need a new system, just like how this entire world needs a new system to replace this money based world economy.

Well here’s another piece of news that will anger Apple and Anti Apple fanboys alike. Oh Apple, you really make our blood boil in more ways than one.

Apple HTML5 patent angers W3C – News – Digital Arts.

Google lose out in bid for Nortel’s 6,000 patents to six major companies

Just last week Google had been given a go signal to bid for the patents for $900 million. Now we have a winner, and from the looks of it they made sure that Google was not in on the party.

This says a lot about how other companies are viewing Google and the Android platform. What happens after this, we will have to wait and see.

Six Winners Including Apple, Microsoft Pay $4.5 Billion For Nortel Patents | paidContent.