Anonymous To Build Its Own Social Network Called AnonPlus

Hot on the heals of Google+ launching, we have another social network planning its launch. But this is no ordinary social network. Instead of sharing private information (which what Social Networks are, when it comes down to it), they are going to be sharing information, anonymously. Or at least, that’s what I think it is.

Truth be told, this may come out as nothing. Implementing a social network of this magnitude is going to be quite a feat. It may even lead to the arrests of many people before this project takes off. One thing is for sure, it’s nice to see that there’s still variation in this world.

Anonymous To Build Its Own Social Network Called AnonPlus.

Facebook adds Skype

So this is what Facebook meant by their announcement of something “awesome”. I must say, I am pretty underwhelmed by this.

True, this is a feature that will now be a benchmark for any other social network that may dare challenge Facebook for supremacy. They will need to have VoIP calling.

Oh but wait, what is this I hear? Google already had this feature for quite a time now with Gmail? Google launches Google+ and one of the many features that it has, is the new “Huddle” where you can chat with several people, even using a webcam.

This wasn’t the biggest surprise. Microsoft has some stake in Facebook, and they recently purchased Skype, so this was almost a done deal after the sale. I can even argue that they may have already planned this before the Skype sale went public.

Facebook at the moment will only be able to use Skype to do one on one calling. Still, this is very good news for those who have loved ones abroad, Facebook just became a lot more important to a lot of people.

BBC News – Facebook adds Skype video chat feature.

The New Social Network: Google+

A disclosure: I love Google. The company has changed the way we access information, and probably most of you today take that very thing for granted.

But I admit,  I wasn’t happy with  the way they handled Google Buzz. Truth be told, it was simply way over the head of many people. What was it, a Twitter+Facebook thingamajig? It failed, and rightfully so. I’m not saying it wasn’t a cool piece of tech (in fact, it was, kudos to the people behind it) but it was nowhere near enough to be a competitor to Facebook.

Here we have Google launching Google+ (although at the moment I have yet to receive an invite, hey Google!). From the onset, it’s looking to be capitalizing on where Facebook went wrong (privacy) and what people want, which is simplicity, and the content.

Currently, I am on the path towards leaving Facebook. Before that, my social network was IRC. I never saw the point of MySpace or Friendster, as it looked like a complete waste of time.

Facebook started out to be great. Connecting people. Standard interface, without any stupid songs suddenly playing (yeah I’m looking at you MySpace), and it didn’t have a lot of useless things back then.

A few redesigned layouts, a billion more apps, and finally everyone jumping in on the bandwagon, and Facebook today is where MySpace was in its heydey. People sharing information, but most of the time, they’d be sending you app invites by the dozen.

I truly hope that Google+ really does become the Social Network. It looks like it has learned from others’ mistakes but we have yet to see where this goes.

As for me, with my love for the company, I will start moving my social network to Google+… as soon as I receive my invite.

Googles Latest Social Network: Google Plus [PICS].